Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
Thanks you for your interest in inviting me to talk to your group.
Sure hope you can join the fun... it will be "udderly wonderful"

In addition to my cartooning drawing programs for adults, I am also offering a fun and educational Cartooning Lecture Program.

You see, from children's books to comic strips, to 3D creations 
and everything in between, cartoons are used everywhere and 
enjoyed by every age group. Yes, cartoons are primarily enjoyed 
children but the reality is, it's adults who design and draw the
cartoons that kids love.
In addition to my fun, entertaining and educational presentation I welcome attendees, if they would like to, to draw along with me as I demonstrate how to draw cartoon faces.
Another goal of my program is to help people understand that the everyday things they use, consume and enjoy were once just concepts on paper. And yes, many of those products have
wonderful cartoons on them to perk them up. Bet you have a mug, t-shirt or maybe even the last card you received or sent out had a cartoon on it!
Cartoon Lecture Program
A New Fun Program For Curious Adults
Cost: $250.
Single Presentation Visit - One 90 minute session
Additional travel rates may apply 
For more information on available dates and times feel free to email me at: [email protected]
Or call my studio at: 203-888-1888
With Debi the "Super Cowtoonist"
In my 60 minute cartoon chalk talk program I reintroduce adults to the wonderful world of cartooning, who does it, why they do it, and the impact cartoons have in our lives.
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