Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
School Residency Program
Day 1: Introduction Presentation and Math with Cartooning
Day 2: Science and Cartooning
Day 3: Language Arts and Cartooning
  • Part I   - Artist Introduction
  • Part II  - Purpose of Math in Cartooning - Math In Colors
  • Part III - Laying Out / Measuring Greeting Card Layout
  • Part IV - Characters Expressions for Greeting Card Project

Day 5: Social Studies / History and Cartooning
Day 4: Reading and Cartooning
  • Part I  -  Purpose of Social Studies and History in Cartooning
  • Part II  - Editorial Cartoons - Purpose and Impact
  • Part III - Making An Editorial Cartoon From A Current Event
  • Part IV-  Finishing Greeting Card Project -  Phase II

  • Part I   - Purpose of Reading in Cartooning
  • Part II  - Reading - Research and Developing A Story
  • Part III - Writing and Drawing A Short Cartoon Funny Story
  • Part IV - Working On Greeting Card Project -  Phase I

Full Week 5 - Day
Cartoon Residency 
Program is 4 hours per day comprised of 4 - 50 minute classes per day *
  • Part I   - Purpose of Language Arts in Cartooning
  • Part II  - Creative Writing / Grammar - Cartoons & Words Together
  • Part III - Writing and Drawing Short Cartoon Comic Strip
  • Part IV - Characters in Situation / Story for Greeting Card Project

Also Includes 90 Minute Program
3 Weeks After Residency 
To Present Finished Greeting Cards
  • Part I   - Purpose of Science in Cartooning
  • Part II  - Anatomy of Cartoon Characters - How The Body Works
  • Part III - Drawing A Superhero Figure / Defining Muscles
  • Part IV - Characters In Action for Greeting Card Project
Classroom Size Maximum: 40
Total Students 160 
Programs Available For:
  • Grades 3 to 5
  • Middle School
  • High School Students
We can customize our programs to accomodate your particular school's needs and programming
Using the academic subjects and art, the students will complete 
an original cartoon greeting 
card. Their design will be 
printed and presented to them 
a few weeks after the residency has been completed.
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The purpose of the residency is to introduce your students to the world of cartooning and to also develop the student's appreciation of academic subjects and the art - academic connection.

Thru examples, discussion and hands on instruction they are taught how a cartoonist uses academic subjects in the development of cartoon strips, and other cartoon applications and products. Each day is devoted to an academic subject and it’s relevance and application in the world of cartooning. 

Available Live