Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
Kids will learn how to draw various types of characters done 
in the Japanese Chibi - Manga style. They work on Manga
and Chibi cartoon basics and then learn how to develop 
their own cute Chibi characters.

Kids have fun as they work on Manga and Chibi cartoon basics such as drawing faces, expressions, and how to create different action poses, with lots of movement and expression. 
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Chibi-Manga programs:

Chibi-Manga Cartoon Fun 
As they are learning how to draw Chibi-Manga they will 
also (subtly) be learning about the importance of academic subjects in even the making 
of a silly cartoon. 
What is Chibi?

Chibi (ちび or チビ) is a Japanese slang word describing something short (an inanimate object, 
a human or other animal). 

The term is widely used to describe 
a specific style of caricature where 
the cute characters are drawn in an 
exaggerated way: 

The characaters are usually small 
and chubby, with stubby limbs and 
oversized heads.
Oceans Of Possibilites
One Day Fun Workshops or Multi-Week Programs
  • Chibi Manga Basics
  • Cute Chibi Manga Animals
  • Chibi Sea Characters
  • Amazing Chibi Superheros
  • Making Chibi Manga Monsters
  • Space Chibi Manga Characters
  • Drawing Chibi Boy’s and Girls
  • Chibi 3-D Clay Project
They will also develop their own unique cartoon characters and learn how to develop stories around their creations. 
As they follow along with Debi's Cartoon Chalk Talk the kids will have tons of fun as they complete a unique and fun cartoon project