Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist

After recently going thru an episode of Bell's Palsy which paralyzed the left side of my face for over 3 months.

I found out first hand what it was like to have a physical disability. Even though mine was temporary it was a wake up call for me.

I did not change.... but my appearance did, and how people reacted to me amazed me. 

So thru cartooning I hope to teach children 
that a disability or sickness is not necessarily an ending but it could be a beginning to 
help others.

That everyone no matter how they look, 
or what is wrong with them is really a superhero inside.

Superhero Program 
For Libraries 
Our Superhero Program is geared to teach kids 
that no matter what type of disability or sickness 
a person has they are still a superhero inside.

Most of the cartoon superhero's have overcome some type of tragedy or disability in their life and turned it into a positive. If you read the stories behind Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Iron Man, etc etc... you can see why they became a superhero and how they used it to help mankind.

Yes, the kids will have fun learning how to draw superhero cartoons but thru the session an added benefit is that it will also teach them to be more empathetic to the feelings of others.

A Superhero Cartoon Presentation Followed by a 
"Hands On" Workshop where they will complete a Superhero Poster to take home with them
A Fun & Educational 
Superhero Cartooning Program 
On A Personal Note: 

We recently adopted a blind Siberian Husky 
aka: Mr. Muffin

His love and devotion to us is endless... what a blessing he is.
In this 90 minute session the children, working along with Debi, they will create and draw their own cartoon Superhero Poster that will have a short description of  what their character's disability or sickness is, how they overcame it, and also what type of super powers they now have.

Each child will be given a guide sheet with various, suggested ideas, and tips on what to do to create their own superhero. 

Subtly intertwined in the session is a very important part. The kids will also learn about the importance of academic subjects in the making of a cartoon character and strip.
Last but not least the kids will get to take home the superhero poster that they have created.
Every Hero Has A Story
What's Yours?
Our Lovable Superhero
My journey with bell's palsy...
Program Includes:
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Live & Virtual