Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
Suggested Program is a 30 minute Assembly
Presentation followed by Five - 30 minute
"Hands On" Cartooning Classroom Workshops

This is a cartooning program where your students will
learn about just what it takes to be a cartoonist, while 
having lots of fun completing their own unique cartoons. 
Students will also work on their cartoons by following along with a cartoon chalk talk. 
They will experience the magic of 4-color art and experience "ohhhhhhh - ahhhhhh"

They will also be shown additional samples of various cartoon artwork, while learning about the importance of academic subjects in the making of a cartoon. The majority 
of the time will be dedicated to working along with a chalk talk presentation. 
All students will complete a fun cartoon project
Suggested Program is a 30 Minute Assembly Presentation
Followed by Three - 30 Minute "Hands On" Cartooning Classroom Workshops

During this time, the students will be shown additional samples of cartoon artwork and learn more about the importance of academic subjects in the making of a cartoon. The majority of the time will be dedicated to working along with a chalk talk presentation. All students will complete a fun and entertaining cartoon project.
Cartooning Programs For Schools
We offer various school programs such as:
Programs available from Kindergarten thru High School
Full Week 5-Day Cartoon Residency Program
The purpose of the residency is to introduce your students to 
the world of cartooning and to also help to develop the student's appreciation of academic subjects and the art - academic connection.

Thru examples, discussion and hands on instruction they are taught 
how a cartoonist uses academic subjects in the development of 
cartoon strips, and other cartoon applications and products. Each day is devoted to an academic subject and it’s relevance and application in the world of cartooning. 
Using the academic subjects and art, the students will complete an original cartoon greeting card. Their design will be printed and presented to them a few weeks after the residency has been completed.
Full Week 5 - Day
Cartoon Residency Program
Program is 4 hours per day comprised of 
4 - 50 minute classes per day 
Also Includes 90 Minute Program 3 Weeks After Residency 
To Present Finished Printed Greeting Cards To Students
Classroom Size Maximum: 40    Total Students: 160 
Fun School Cartooning 
4 Hour Program
Fun School 
Program 2.5 Hours
Day 1: Introduction Presentation &                 Math with Cartooning
Day 2: Science and Cartooning
Day 3: Language Arts & Cartooning
Day 4: Reading and Cartooning
Day 5: Social Studies / History 
           and Cartooning
Program Available For:
  • Grades 3 to 5
  • Middle School
  • High School Students
  •     1 Hour School Assembly Cartoon Program
  •     2.5 Hour School Cartooning Program
  •     4 Hour School Cartooning Program
  •     5 Day - 4 Hours Per Day Residency Cartoon Program
We can also customize any of our programs and class sizes to accomodate your particular school's needs and programming
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Call For Program Pricing

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