Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts Cartooning Programs
Kids Earn Badges And Have Fun 
Choose one of our bage programs or we can design a class or workshop just for you and help your scouts to earn their next badge.
Cartooning Programs For The Following Badges
        Cartooning Program Cost
Art in 3-D Badge
Making Cartoon Characters With Clay
Using Crayola Model Magic Clay they will create their own 3-Dimensional cartoon character, from people to aliens 
and anything their imaginations can come up with. 

They will learn how to develop a character from all 
angles and get a glimpse into the world of clay-mation.
Print and Graphics Badge
Making A Real Printed Cartoon Greeting Card
The kids will draw along with Debi and create their own greeting card design using crayons and or colored pencils. 

Their original drawing will be  8" x 10" which will then be transformed into an actual printed 5' x 7' 
full color greeting card, which will be sent to the troop leader, along with the original drawings 
about  2-3 weeks after the initial workshop. 

They will learn about design and print production as well as creative writing, which all go into the making
of an acutal greeting card.
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