Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
In response to popular demand I am now offering two fun educational programs for adults, a cartoon lecture or a cartoon drawing program specifically designed for adults like us.

From children's books to comic strips, to 3D creations and everything in between, cartoons are used everywhere and enjoyed by every age group. 
We offer four cartoon drawing programs for adults
Basic Cartooning 101
Adults will learn how to draw their own cartoons by simply following along with Debi's cartoon chalk talk. They will learn just what it takes to be a cartoonist. They will also learn the importance of cartoons not only in the world of kids but also how cartoons are used in the corporate world. All attendees will complete a fun cartoon project to take home with them.

Saturday Classic Cartoons
Adults will have fun as they learn how to draw the classic cartoons that 
they loved so much while growing up. In addition to working along with 
Debi during her cartoon chalk talk, they will also enjoy watching some classic Warner Brother's cartoons. All attendees will complete a fun classic cartoon project to take home with them.
Drawing Cartoons for Books 
Cartoons (aka: humorous illustrations) are used in all types of publications from children's books to corporate manuals; cartoons are everywhere. By following along with Debi's chalk talk participants will learn about this amazing world and what it takes to do humorous illustrations. Together we will work on a cartoon book project that can also be taken home.
Not all cartoons are just flat drawings, many cartoon characters are 
turned into 3-dimensional figurines. In this program adults will work on drawing their own cartoon character and then turning that character 
into a 3-dimensional cartoon figure using clay.
Clay 3-Dimensional Cartooning
In our program we work with Crayola Model Magic and participants are only given the primary colors of red, yellow, blue, black and white. Through discussion and the "oohhh - ahhhh" color sheet they come to realize that every color in the world can be made from the primary colors. We then work together mixing the clay to create all the colors that students will 
use on their own creations.
By booking any  2 - Programs
Save 10%
Sample Booking:
Week 1: Basic Cartooning 101
Week 2: Clay 3-D Cartooning
Special Pricing Given For
2 and 4 Week Sessions
Save 15%
When you book all 4 programs
Sample Booking:
Week 1: Basic Cartooning 101
Week 2: Saturday Classic Cartoons
Week 3: Cartoons for Books
Week 4: Clay 3-D Cartooning
For the clay program there is an additional small fee per adult in attendance to cover the cost of the clay and supplies.

In addition to learning how to draw cartoons, we will be giving participants a realistic glimpse into the highly specialized and fiercely competitive world of cartooning. 

Far from being glamorous, it
is a profession that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, a side of cartooning that most adults never get the chance 
to actually see.
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Yes, cartoons are primarily enjoyed by children but the reality is, it's adults who design and draw the cartoons kids love.
Cartooning Drawing Programs For Adults

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