Toon-up your children's programs 
with a fun & educational in person or virtual
cartooning program with Debi the Cow-toonist
Manga Cartooning Programs 
Manga - Smanga 
Fun Cartoon Program  

This is great for those who want to start learning the basics of Manga Cartooning.Kids will learn how to draw their own manga and anime cartoons characters by following along with Debi's cartoon chalk talk. 

Working together they will learn how to draw cute Chibi animals and a cute Chibi Baby Chick in a variety of facial expressions, as well as a Manga Boy and Girl character. 

Last but not least the kids will work on making their own "Superhero Manga Character" and then make a fun poster to take home. By doing this children learn about character development and creating a story line. It reinforces the importance of reading and academic subjects even in the making of a Manga Cartoon Character.
This class is for kids who want to go on to the next step in cartooning. From big foot to little foot Manga cartoons, the lessons will focus on the Manga cartoon face, expressions and the cartoon manga figure in motion. Kids will work on developing their own Manga or Chibi cartoon character and they will also learn more about the world of Anime.
A new fun cartoon program where the kids 
will work with Crayola Model Magic and 
create their own "Manga Chibi" creation. 
Children are only given the primary colors 
of red, yellow, blue, black and white and we
work together mixing to create all the colors 
they will use on their own Manga creations
Then they add the legs, eyes, antennas, arms, tails, wings... whatever their imaginations can come up with for their Chibi character.
Clay Manga - Chibi Cartoon Program  
Two Programs Available:
Kids Ages 6 to 12       Kids Ages 10 to 14   
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Recommended for Kids Grade 3 to Grade 8

Live & Virtual